Bring your words…

Another part of teaching a child that is non-verbal the power of their “talker” or “words” (both words we use to refer to Courtney’s device) is teaching them to make sure they have the device with them at all times. We have the luxury of always having our voice with us but that’s not the case for Courtney. Imagine being somewhere and your voice not being with you. Suddenly you have no ability to communicate.

Time for me to be honest…I was definitely bad at working on this with Courtney. She is always on the go and is fast. Making sure she had her talker with her was always the last thing on my mind.

After years of her team being consistent with this, and Courtney learning how powerful her talker is, she is starting to bring her device around with her. When her talker is not with her, we are starting to see her then search for it when there is something she needs. This morning we had a first. Usually we have to get her talker from the charger and give it to her first thing in the morning. Today she went to where we charge it, ripped it out of the wall and brought it to the family room where she then asked for her “milk”.

I continue to be overwhelmed with joy as I watch my beautiful little 7 year old slowly but surely find a way to communicate with us. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present.

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