Air hugs….

Our therapists become like family. Especially when there is one therapist that has been working with our family once a week since she was 2. We’ve been with Courtney’s feeding/speech therapist for 5 years! Courtney has been back to the therapy clinic for a while now after it was closed for in person back in March but the clinic is still doing feeding therapy via telehealth being that masks can’t be worn while eating. Her feeding therapist decided to take a 1 session break from feeding so she can see her in person. Again, she’s like family so seeing her in person after 9 months was awesome. We greeted her with smiling eyes and air hugs!

A shout out to BDI and all the therapists there. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done during this time to keep therapy going while also keeping the children safe and healthy. They are amazing! Especially our 3 therapist!

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