Autism sibling…

It’s not your typical bond. It’s a bond that will have many ups and downs. A bond that will be tested. It’s a bond that as the mother I will have to give it some tender loving care to help nurture and support it. It’s a different bond but nonetheless I’ve come to see how very special this bond already is.

2020 definitely has been hard on this bond but in ways has helped it grow. Alyssa has become more sensitive to Courtney’s loud noises and as grown afraid of her aggressive behaviors. She has verbalized her concerns of being loved since we have to spend so much time helping Courtney.

As hard as that has all been, we’ve also watched Alyssa come to understand that though she is younger she is very much the “big” sister in this relationship. Watching this has been beautiful. She is just 5 years old but forced at times to be more mature and responsible than your typical 5 year old. She is a rock star.

It’s not the bond I imagined when hoping to have 2 girls but it’s a bond I couldn’t be more proud of.

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