Courtney continues to make some pretty cool strides with her talker. The most recent one is such a functional one. Though it gives me a bitter sweet feeling.

We have had a few occasions now where Courtney has spontaneously used her talker to tell us she needs her diaper changed! Talk about using to meet your basic needs! How huge!

As I said though this is kinda bitter sweet. Yes, my 7 year old is still fully dependent on diapers. We have tried several times to potty train her but any time we move a step forward with it we end up running into a wall that takes us multiple steps back. It’s been one thing after another. You would think this new skill would mean she’s ready but we are currently dealing with her being VERY anxious and fearful about bathrooms in general. it is not easy to potty train when you won’t go near a potty.

I early on prepared myself that potty training could be a very long and difficult road with Courtney. So many people tell me she will when she’s ready. It’s so different when it comes to children with such severe needs. Who knows if she will ever be ready. In the meantime I will celebrate this little step!

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