Play Animals….

Alyssa comes up to me and says, “Mom, I want to play animals with Courtney. Can you show me how to say, ‘want to play animals’ on her talker?” Holding back my tears of joy, I quickly found the talker and showed Alyssa how to say “play animals”. Alyssa tried it and then went to Courtney and asked “play animals” using the talker. Beautiful doesn’t even come close to explaining how this moment felt.

We are working so hard at fostering their relationship because it has gotten to the point where they can’t tolerate being in the same room a good portion of the day. So the fact that Alyssa wanted to attempt this with Courtney was exciting but then to add that she wanted to communicate with her the way Courtney communicates best.

Unfortunately the moment ended quickly because Courtney didn’t want to which broke my heart for Alyssa. I made sure Alyssa knew how proud I was of her for asking her. Excuse me while I go cry!

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