I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. Courtney has a love for animals (on videos or from a distance) and a love for letters. She has been watching this YouTube video of someone searching for these fisher price animals that have letters on them in ice over and over and over.,..

Well it became my mission to find the toy the animals were from. Like any fisher price toy, it’s no longer made and to buy it on eBay was going to cost an arm and a leg. Last week I decided to try a different route. I posted a picture of the toy and a little bit about Courtney on my town’s Facebook page and asked if anyone had it and was willing to sell it for less than my arm and leg, I received so many responses! I was truly moved. But one women responded that she had the complete working set and it was mine for free. She said she was just happy to hear it was going to a loving family. I found out later this women is a special needs sibling so truly knew how special this meant to us.

Courtney’s reaction to the toy is exactly what I thought it would be…pure excitement!

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