This is our autism, day 10

During the month of April in honor of Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month I am going to post a picture showing our autism. Autism is a spectrum. When you know one child with autism you know one child with autism. This is our autism.

Sibling…in honor of National Sibling Day today my picture showing our autism is of Courtney and Alyssa because Alyssa is very much a HUGE part of our autism.

Alyssa is so much more than Courtney’s little sister. She is her hand to rub. She is Courtney’s peer who will teach her how to play. She is Courtney’s model. She is Courtney’s mini therapist. She is Courtney’s person to giggle with. She is the person that will make Courtney laugh when she is struggling. She is her number one cheerleader. She is her person! Alyssa is probably the most important part of our autism. This is our autism!

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