This is our autism, day 11

During the month of April in honor of Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month I am going to post a picture showing our autism. Autism is a spectrum. When you know one child with autism you know one child with autism. This is our autism.

Therapy…Courtney has had a very full therapy schedule since the age of 3. She received ABA, Speech, feeding, OT and Physical therapy. I actually lose count when trying to total up the amount of hours of therapy. I have struggled over the years wondering if we load her with too much. It never fails that the moment I consider reducing her therapy some, she shows me some sort of sign that no only can she handle the busy schedule, but she actually does need it and thrives on it. Just the other day when she actually had a completely free day she used her talker repeatedly asking for her therapist and was mad when we told her not today. Our therapists are very much an important part of our village. This is our autism!

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