Mother’s Day

Holidays are always hard no matter what the occasion is in our house. With holidays come change in routine. When routines change behaviors appear. Holidays also tend to bring on expectations of what that day should look like. When expectations are set you usually see disappointment when those expectations aren’t met.

For the most part our Mother’s Day looked like any Sunday and those parts of the day were nice. It was the part of the day that was different that lead to a pretty big meltdown. we even anticipated it being a struggle so we had a plan. The plan backfired. This meltdown was hard to watch. Heck, this meltdown hurt since she was very aggressive. I wasn’t sure how to help her. I knew why she was confused and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

Mother’s Day was hard. Heck motherhood is hard. But as hard as today was and as hard as motherhood can be, I know I am beyond blessed to be the mom of my two beautiful girls!

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