Showing acceptance…

To the Brookfield Zoo employee working the carousel…you showed amazing awareness and acceptance today. You saw Courtney standing in line with headphones on her ears and hands over the the headphones holding on tight as music played around her. You saw the anxiety in her face as we waited our turn. Without hesitation, you asked if I thought turning the music down would help. It wasn’t all about the music, it was also the anxiety of trying new things but I still took you up on your offer and you quickly asked your co-worker to turn the music down. Thank you!

Sir, you didn’t stop there. When doing your check to make sure everyone was seated I saw you deliberately stop at us to ask if we were doing ok. Thank you!

To your co-worker, thank you for also showing awareness and acceptance! When we got off the carousel you acknowledged (even though I felt you did plenty) that the music was still on the loud side and apologized. Not only that, you made sure I knew that we can always ask to turn the volume down on future visits to the carousel. Well…you can guarantee we will visit you two again at the carousel. Thank you for helping my daughter enjoy a ride on the carousel like all the other children.

(Picture of Alyssa on the carousel. Daddy and Alyssa were on a different part of carousel and I didn’t have my phone with me.)

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