Slime, you are evil…

I had a moment this morning. A moment of extreme frustration. A moment that was triggered by slime. A moment where I started asking so many “why’s” when it comes to Courtney’s autism.

Why do you have to wake up so damn early? Why do you have to be so full of energy so damn early?

Why can’t we just have a laid back Sunday afternoon? Why must we live on such a schedule and why does a day with no schedule cause me so much anxiety?

Why can’t your sister tolerate your noises? Heck, why can’t you lower your volume level down when we ask you to?

Why can’t you understand that tablets shouldn’t be thrown or put in water?

Why can’t we just leave you be in a part of the house without us worrying that you will get into something you shouldn’t, hurt your self or take your pants off and poop on the floor?

Why does everything go in your mouth? Why must try to eat slime and then get it in your hair and all over your clothes. Slime…you triggered these why’s. You triggered this mommy meltdown. Slime you are evil.

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