Fruit pouches…

This exact brand and flavor of fruit pouches have been the balk of Courtney’s diet for years now. When I say balk, on average she would consume 6-8 a day. It’s stage 2 baby food and I have definitely struggled with the fact that she basically lives off baby food at the age of 7.

This week Courtney has suddenly stopped eating them. She would request one and once we gave it to her she would either take a sip and then push it away or just push it away without even touching it. We’ve gone from 6-8 a day to 2 this past week.

Yes, there’s a part of me that’s excited about the possibility her being done with “baby food” and me being done with purchasing hundreds of them a month. Yet on the flip side, losing a food item on her very short list scares me! Will she replace it? Will she replace it with another healthy food?

I guess we will wait and see. If it’s a quick phase then I’ll be happy we didn’t lose an item on her limited list. If she is finished with the pouches then I will be happy to be done with “baby food” and enjoy the extra cash each month.

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