Oh to be in her head…

Oh to be in her head.

To feel all that she’s feeling. To hear all that she’s hearing. To see all that she’s seeing. To see so much joy makes my heart explode.

Oh to be in her head so I can also know what she’s thinking.

What is she liking about the wet sand as she lets it run through her fingers? What is she l liking about it as she submerges her whole body in it?

Oh to be in her head.

There is so much joy but I only get to see it through her smile and hear it through her happy sounds. If only I can know what she is thinking.

Oh to be in her head.

This sensory experience would put me in misery but obviously not her. Why is that?

Oh to be in her head.

But since I can’t be in her head, I will enjoy her sounds, her frolicking, her smile. I will put aside all my own sensory issues: Because whatever she is thinking, it’s certainly beautiful.

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