Road trip…

We are on the road. This time we are road tripping out east to my in-laws cabin near the ocean. We missed this trip last summer thanks to Covid. Wasn’t going to stop us this year.

We usually take an airplane but decided since Courtney’s mask wearing is far from perfect we should avoid the airport. So road trip it is,

Our trip to Mackinac island definitely made us question if we ever wanted to travel with the girls again but here we are…traveling.

This trip will be different. I think we need this trip. I think this trip will rejuvenate us some as a family. Uh oh.,,.I’m putting some high expectations on this trip!

The last few weeks have been a struggle. We’ve spent them walking on egg shells and wondering who and when the next meltdown would be. I have actually found myself counting down the days to school starting for all of us thinking getting us back into a strict routine will help. Just under 3 weeks for me but who’s counting.

But maybe this vacation is what we need. Twelve days away from therapies. Twelve days away from the constant hustle and bustle. Twelve days where we actually have constant help from 2 other adults since joe’s parents will be there.

So here’s to 12 days of us just concentrating on being a family.

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