Photo Challenge-Day 6


Day 6: A picture of a hard time

We’ve had a few hard phases that stand out over the years. I spoke about one when talking about the signs of autism. I could even say this summer was a hard phase but more so with Alyssa than with Courtney. There is one hard phase that stands out the most.

Back in the fall of 2018 when Courtney just turned 5 we went through a phase of multiple UTI’s and extreme struggles with constipation. There was a lot of screaming as if she was in pain. A lot of doctor appointments. A lot of tests. A lot of tears and frustration from this mommy. I would get calls from school almost daily that she was having another episode. I was am awful phase.

The picture is when we took her to another specialist who finally gave us some answers.

I was so grateful for all those who helped us through that very difficult phase.

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