Photo Challenge-Day 7


Day 7: a picture at the age of 1

When I was looking for a photo of when she turned 1 I realized that this too was a very difficult time. Though looking back part of why it was hard I can now look back and say that was nothing!

Courtney was diagnosed with torticollis (aka.,,stiff neck) as a newborn. This caused her to have plagiocephaly (flat head). She ended up needing to wear a helmet to correct her head shape. Back then I found this period of time very stressful. Now I laugh at finding that stressful!

It was also a very difficult time because just 2 weeks before her 1st birthday I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. The first birthday is supposed to be a big celebration but I was in a dark place.

But back to these pictures. What a beautiful little girl. Those blue eyes are just daggers! Her helmet just added to her adorable look. I had so much fun putting little bows on the helmet to match her outfit.

At the age of 1 she was already a very picky eater, still not sleeping through the night, walking all over the place and babbling all of the time. When she was 1 I was just an autism teacher.

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