Photo Challenge-Day 8


Day 8 – meeting a milestone

Milestones…a word used often during early development of children. A word that starts to haunt you as a parent of a child with special needs. A word I really had to come to terms with as I accepted Courtney’s diagnosis of autism.

I had to learn how to accept that children Courtney’s age were going to reach milestones while she didn’t: I had to learn that she will need her own set of milestones with their own timelines. I had to learn that in the end it seriously doesn’t matter when she met them as long as she was happy, healthy and progressing.

Today’s picture challenge is to show a picture of your child meeting a milestone. Since a child’s first words is a big milestone, I decided to share a picture of Courtney saying her first “word”. Was it at the time she was supposed to? No. Was it verbally? No. Did she meet a milestone? YES it just looked different and boy were we proud of her!!!

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