Back to School

Our house consists of a high school history teacher, a special education teacher, a second grader with autism and a kindergartner with anxiety and severe food allergies. This time of year brings so much excitement, anxiety, and every other emotion between the four of us.

Let’s start with my husband, the high school teacher. The one who is usually most excited about going back to school. The one who says that he has been doing this so long he can do it in his sleep. He’s had his fun this summer and now he’s ready to return. I wish I could be that calm!

Now for Courtney. Believe it or not, she’s the one I’m least worried about going into this school year. She has the same teacher she has had for two years now. The teacher who got her through Covid. I’ve grown to love her team. I’m sure there will be some bumps in road during the year, I’m just not worried about her as the year starts.

I return to school first out of all of us. It’s been a hard summer so part of me is ready to get back to school. I do worry about all the unknown with COVID still hanging over our heads. I always have nerves going into a new year but I’m used to these nerves,

Then there’s Alyssa. Here is where all of my anxiety lies as the school year begins. My anxiety as she starts this big year is very high. It’s a new school for all of us! A new teacher! The first time going to school all day! The first time she is going to eat food with someone besides a caregiver. Oh and let’s not forget the emotions of my little baby going to kindergarten! Yep, I’m a mess!

As an allergy mom, I do worry about her eating with so many other foods near her that she could possibly be allergic to. She is so responsible and has become quite the self advocate so I need to trust it will be fine, but this scares me.

Alyssa had a difficult summer and though I feel school will help this, I do worry about how she will adapt to this big transition. Will teachers see the same behaviors? Will she need additional support? Will the be understanding of the home environment that she comes from? Like I said…I’m a mess!

In case 4 of us going back to school wasn’t enough to prepare for, we are also starting with a new nanny. Alyssa struggles with separation anxiety so this adds to some of the behaviors we’ve been seeing. We have done trial runs with our new nanny and Alyssa struggled. Good news is, we didn’t scare the nanny away yet.

It was a tough summer. but we were able to make some fun memories too. The next few months bring on a lot of big transitions but we’ve gotten through tougher.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new school year!

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