Photo Challenge-Day 9


Day 9- feeding/Eating Success

I shared recently in a blog post that both of my girls are on feeding therapy. Here is a short backstory of why.

Courtney has been picky about eating since day 1. It’s one of those characteristics that I can say may have always been there but didn’t realize. She even had difficulties with breastfeeding. By the time she was 2 her diet consisted of about 7 food items. I remember taking her for her speech evaluation and her now feeding therapist asked if she was a picky eater. When I listed her items the therapist said, “she’s not a picky eater, she is considered a problem eater and she will qualify for speech services for that alone.”

Alyssa has not always been a picky eater. In fact, she used to eat whatever you put in front of her. That is until a bite of food put her into anaphylactic shock. Though this incident turned her into quite the self advocate, it took it to the extremes. I suddenly realized she was only eating a few items. The items she knew she could trust.

Courtney’s journey with food has been long and I’m guessing will always be a struggle. Every lick, touch or bite of a new food we celebrate! Alyssa has made huge strides with her fear of food since she started. Again, with every lick, touch or bite of a new food we celebrate!

Here are pictures of the both of them trying pancakes recently! Boy did we celebrate!

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