Photo Challenge: Day 17


Day 17: a picture in water

Courtney had a a strong love/hate relationship with water. It’s a relationship that baffles many. In some ways playing in water is her favorite thing in the world but in some ways water is her enemy.

She loves pools and beaches but it has to follow certain requirements. First, it has to have an ascending depths to it. Meaning it had to start at zero depth so she can slowly walk into it and feel where her feet are in the water. The moment it gets up to get waste, that’s it. She won’t go any further. Second, whatever you do, DO NOT PICK HER UP! If her feet come off the bottom of the pool she freaks out. She needs her feet grounded. This makes things like swim lessons and aqua therapy difficult. We’ve tried both and pretty sure it gave her PTSD. Third, the louder it is at a pool the less she will enjoy it. Even with her headphones. Indoor pools are VERY difficult for her for that reason. Forth, the hotter it is outside the less likely she will enjoy it. She takes after her mom. Fifth, keep it off her face. So, if all these requirements can be checked mark, you will find Courtney is happy as can be in the water! Baths are a whole different love/hate relationship.

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