Photo Challenge-Day 18


Day 18- – picture with a sibling

My very best friend in the world is my little sister. So when Courtney was born, I knew immediately I wanted her to have a little sister. I wanted her to have a sister to play dolls with, play school with and always be the teacher while her younger sister was the student, ride bikes with and all those other fun sister things. She has a little sister but their bond is quite different then I imagined.

Their bond is complicated but special. Most often they are happiest when they are no where near each other. Their sensory systems can’t always tolerate each other. They don’t play dolls together, they don’t play much together at all.

Then there are these moments. Moments where they rough house and Alyssa tickles Courtney until she is belly laughing. There are moments when Alyssa gives Courtney her hand to rub. Moments where Alyssa helps Courtney with something that is hard. Moments where you see they truly love each other. It is those moments where I stop and smile. Their bond may not look like the one I have with my sister but there is a bond and it is beautiful.

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