An older sister…

“Mommy?” Asked Alyssa from the back seat of the car who was sitting next to Courtney.

“My friend, ‘Rachel’ has an older sister who can talk. I don’t. That makes me sad. So does ‘Elise’.”

It was hard to hold back the tears but I needed to. While holding back the tears I also had to think of a response that would make it all better for this little 5 year old special need’s sibling. How do I explain to her that though she doesn’t have what her friends have she still has something special.

I know what triggered this conversation. We were at her school’s ice cream social tonight. She ran into her friend, ‘Rachel’. The two of them, along with Rachel’s sister, played on the playground together and ate their ice cream together. Courtney was there but Courtney was doing her own thing. Courtney didn’t even acknowledge that she was at the park with Alyssa.

I came up with a response and I think she was ok with the response. Meanwhile, my heart is still healing from the conversation.

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