Handicap placard…

I did a thing today. I applied for a handicap placard as a parent of a child with a disability. At first I wasn’t sure about it because Courtney is not physically handicapped. Other autism parents had shared that they had one so I decided to ask her pediatrician about her. Courtney’s pediatrician immediately said we should definitely have one for safety reasons.

Courtney is a runner. As the doctor stated on the form, “she’s a flight risk”. If you are walking in a parking lot and not holding on to her hand, she will likely take off running. She may even try to take off while holding her hand. Though it has gotten better after a lot of practice, there is still a chance at any given time, she will take off on us.

Courtney also struggles with transitions into places. If she is anxious about going into a building or store, she will fall to the ground. Now that she’s bigger, I can’t just carry her. I’ve learned ways to safely physically assist her but it is not easy.

So for these reasons, with her Pediatrician’s assistance, we have applied for a placard. so to other parents in my position, don’t hesitate. Do what you need to do to keep your child safe!

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