Tonight I reflect, tomorrow we celebrate…

Six years ago tonight, joe and I went in to labor and delivery for me to be induced. A week overdue and we were anxiously awaiting for Alyssa to join our family. Little did we know what at first seemed to be a simple easy delivery super early on November 6th would just as quickly turn in to the scariest day of our lives.

I wish I could do nothing but celebrate Alyssa’s birth on her birthday. And trust me, we do, because it’s more than just her birthday, it’s the day I was given the second chance to live. But like every mother on the day of their child’s birthday, you take time to reflect on that day and that day was nothing but scary. It’s the day that Alyssa ALMOST spent just an hour knowing her mom. It’s the day Courtney ALMOST lost her biggest advocate, it’s the day my husband ALMOST lost the love of his life. It’s the day I ALMOST died.

The amniotic fluid embolism that I had immediately after Alyssa was born took a part of me even though it didn’t take my life. It took away my ability to breast feed her. It took away hours of bonding time with her as I recovered in ICU. It took away my ability to just celebrate the day. It took away my ability to have more children which was definitely in the plans.

But It didn’t take me, thanks to my amazing doctor and nurse. Six years later, I am here. I am here to share about advocating for Courtney. I am here to tell about all the amazing things Alyssa is doing. I am here to be the best mom, wife, sibling and daughter I could be. I am here to tell my story. So today I reflect because it’s natural. Tomorrow, we will celebrate.

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