Can’t tolerate…

I’ve mentioned it before that my girls really struggle being on the same level of the house together. Basically my girls can’t tolerate each other. I’m not talking about sibling rivalry. I’m talking their sensory systems literally can’t tolerate the other one.

Both of my girls have sensory processing difficulties and anxiety. They are both very sensitive to noises. They both can be loud and even unpredictable in their behaviors. This heightens both of their anxiety.. So how have they learned to cope with this? They hang out on different levels of the house. Alyssa stays on the main level and Courtney is upstairs. This is ALL the time. Courtney basically only comes downstairs to eat.

Alyssa was out of the house and guess who made it downstairs. She has a different demeanor when Alyssa is out of the house. She’s calm. It really hit me who little she is downstairs when I saw her playing with the Christmas decorations. The decorations have been up for more than 24 hours and tonight was the first time she saw them.

They love each other. I know that. I don’t doubt it. Their sensory systems just can’t handle each other.

2 thoughts on “Can’t tolerate…

  1. I’m sure this is tough for them and you. My daughter is 11 and has Autism, plus sensory issues. I totally understand. So thankful I found your blog. Happy Thanksgiving


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