Our elves….

We were kinda struggling with our Thanksgiving stick at home with Covid so our elves decided to brighten our spirits! I don’t think our elves have ever made it on the blog. Meet Twink (top left), Elfa (top right), Sparkie (bottom left) and Sparkles (bottom right). Twink is our original elf. He was CBmy “elf” as a kid. Long story how the other 3 joined us. Our elves aren’t like elf on the shelf. They stick around all year and they can play with them. During the holiday season they help add some fun to our days.
Alyssa loves these 4. Courtney could care less about them. The idea of elves and Santa visiting is a little too abstract. They still include her I all the fun though. Hoping that one day she will understand it all.
Our family and our elves wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to a fun filled holiday season!

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