“Rodger pancakes”

We’ve been going to a family restaurant nearby on a Friday or Saturday night most weeks since Courtney was born. They all know our family there. They have watched the girls grow up. For most of those years, we’ve had the same waiter. He is amazing! He absolutely ADORES the girls and spoils them. He of course has become well aware over the year of Courtney’s differences. We arrive and within 5 minutes he puts a plate of French fries in front of her every time. I’m pretty sure the girls think the restaurant is called Rodger since we always say “it’s time to go to Rodger’s”.

Today was probably our best visit yet. (Mind you it had nothing to do with behaviors because Courtney was pretty manic during all of dinner and could be heard throughout the entire restaurant.) Courtney has started to eat pancakes there. Today when Rodger came to the table to get give us a bread basket, Courtney verbally said what sounded like “Rodger pancakes”. We all looked at each other and Rodger asked, “did she just ask me for pancakes?” He was so excited! We all were! He quickly left and after a few minutes returned with a plate of pancakes for his favorite patron. He then said “I can’t wait to tell my wife that she asked me for pancakes!” I don’t know what was more exciting. Her asking him or his excitement. It was beautiful!

Courtney’s 3 year re-eval at school is next week. I got the rough draft of the reports. Though I know it’s part of the process and doesn’t represent the progress she’s made, it was still very hard to read. Hearing phrases such as “aggressive behaviors”, “severe to profoundly delayed” , and many other things over and over again hit me hard.

A shared my emotions over it with a good friend and two of my sisters. They each reminded me to focus on her progress. They are so right. Courtney has made gains I never imagined she could make. I wouldn’t change her for the world. She is my hero. Tonight she made a waiters night by what to some may be a simple request but to all of us it was the most beautiful request ever. Who cares about how far behind she is from her “typical peers”!

And to our favorite waiter…thank you for being such a special part of our village.

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