Diagnosis anniversary…

It was 6 years ago today that we got the official educational diagnosis of autism. I will never forget that day. I didn’t cry during the meeting. I didn’t cry leaving the meeting. I left the meeting relieved that somebody finally confirmed what I already knew. I left there relieved that she was going to get help.

I got many messages that day from family and friends who knew we had the meeting. But one message stands out. My godmother sent me a message that said, “there is only one label for Courtney and that’s ‘my daughter’ ”. I believe that is the moment when I cried. My godmother nailed it on the head. The autism label changed nothing that day. Courtney is still Courtney. Courtney is still my daughter. Sure, the path we planned on changed, but the most beautiful little girl lead us down that different path and couldn’t be prouder of how far she has come along the way.

(Thank you, Nancy! Love ya, miss ya ❤️)

2 thoughts on “Diagnosis anniversary…

  1. So sweet. My daughter is 12 and next month is her 9 year anniversary of her diagnosis. I totally understand. She is first and foremost my precious daughter😊

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