The giggles…

Courtney has these giggle fits that some would quickly say are the cutest things in the world. Her belly laugh is the absolute best. I dare you not to laugh along with her. Though….be careful. Approach her with extreme caution. You may not laugh for long.

One of the first things I share with anyone new working with Courtney is to watch out for her giggles. Her giggle fits are usually a sign of over stimulation. (Though they sometimes start as an avoidance tactic.) As the giggles increase the harder it is to pull her back. Simply going to touch her makes her body react as if she’s being tickled to death. If this happens while trying to get her to work you can forget it. Hence why it’s sometimes an avoidance tactic. Though I will say, it may start off as an avoidance tactic but it ends up over stimulating her and then she has no control in stopping the giggles.

The real problem with her giggle fits is that as it increases, her fingers and mouth become dangerous. She starts pinching and biting anyone close to her. Sometimes it gets so bad the only thing you can do is find a way to isolate her from others so no one gets hurt. Eventually the giggles just stop and then she’s extremely calm.

These fits happen enough that I’m not surprised when I get notes home like in the pictures. She was happy and silly today BUT she was also aggressive.

I wish her giggles were just adorable. Something that just makes everyone around her smile. But when I see her giggles…I go into high alert. How do I keep it from crossing that threshold? How do I protect those around her?

So when you see these cute giggles, just remember…enjoy with caution.

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