It’s that time of the summer. Time for us to head to our favorite vacation spot! Mackinac Island, here we come! BOTH of the girls are so excited! Alyssa has been talking about it for weeks. She loves this vacation. Courtney has also been talking about it for weeks and it’s been so amazing to watch her find ways to express that she’s excited to go.

This vacation involves a long car ride, a boat ride to the island and then once you get there you see lots of horses since there are no cars on the island. Recently Courtney had been asking us for “car”, “boat” and “horse”! This week she has been angry going anywhere else and just keep repeating “horse”. So needless to say….she is excited!

Send all the positive vibes our way! Though our girls love this trip, taking them on vacation is definitely hard. Last year’s trip was tough. With that said, we are ready to make more memories at our favorite spot!

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