9 years old…

Dear Courtney,

Today you are 9. 9 years old! Where has the time gone? I remember vividly your dad and I going out to dinner the night before you were born. We were celebrating the last night being just the two of us. We sat there so excited but naive about what was to come the next day when I was scheduled to be induced.

Yes, we were ready to be parents. But we were ready to be parents of this little girl who was going to follow this set path they talk about in parenting books. A little girl who was going to meet milestones on time. A little girl who would get some bumps and bruises but easy to clean up with a first aide kit. That night we sat there ready to be parents, but we were not ready for the path you were about to bring us on.

Though we may not have been ready, we quickly learned one important thing would get us through the path you have lead us on….love.

Oh, Courtney, the journey you have brought us on these past 9 years. A journey full of adventures that brought us heart ache and joy, tears and laughter, fear and excitement. Some adventures I never even imagined we would go on that first day I held you in my arms. Most of these adventures have been far from easy but every single one of them I would go on with you again because each one of them have made me so proud to be your mom.

Your Grandma Beej painted this beautiful Winnie The Pooh picture with my favorite quote on it for your nursery before you were born. It reads, “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.”

You are 9 now and there are still so many adventures to go. No matter the adventure, you keep being the beautiful little girl that you are.

We love you more than words can say. Happy 9th Birthday, Courtney Cathryn!

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