Tough start…

Miss Alyssa has had a rough start to 1st grade. This week I got an email from her teacher, who she also had last year, that Alyssa’s anxiety is very high at school. High to the point where Alyssa is struggling focusing and crying on and off throughout the day. That email came the beginning of the week and she continued to struggle all week. I have seen an increase in her anxiety at home too but not to the extent her teacher is seeing.

It breaks my heart to hear she is struggling. I am so grateful for her teacher who has a special relationship with her and is helping to make sure she gets the supports she needs.

Alyssa has what is called a 504 plan at school. It is similar to an IEP as it helps give accommodations and support to children with special needs but don’t necessarily need special education services. In Alyssa’s case her 504 plan was for accommodations that needed to be put in place because of her severe food allergies and asthma. We are currently going through the re-evaluation process to add anxiety to the plan in hopes to add some additional supports to help her be successful at school. We meet next Tuesday. I’m hoping as a team we can come up with a plan to help her get through this rough patch.

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