Another change…

One of the biggest things those with autism need is consistency. A consistent schedule. Consistency at home. Consistency at school. Change is hard for everyone but for those with autism it can be really hard.

Schools attempt to develop programs that provide this consistency especially when it comes to the teacher. Often they will find a way so students can have the same teacher for more than one year. Well, at least that is what we thought would be the case for Courtney and the program she is in. Unfortunately that has not been the case. We found out yesterday that her new teacher this year resigned this week. This new teacher that they need to hire will be teacher number 4 in 2 years. We are shocked, disappointed, frustrated and many other big feelings. But most of all we are heartbroken for Courtney and her peers.

I’m not going to blame anyone. I’m not going to point fingers. In fact I’m just going to leave it at that and just ask for positive vibes be sent for this class as they go through yet another big transition.

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