Recently I shared that I was worried we had Courtney in too many hours of therapy/school. It concerned me that some of the increase of behaviors was her trying to tell us that she needed a break.

It was unplanned and more hours then I would ever cut, but she got her break. Over 2 weeks ago we received news that there was some issues with our insurance and her home therapies (ABA) will be on hold until it was figured out. This is the therapy that comes to our house 15 hours a week! The therapy that helps keep structure in our home and works on keeping Courtney grounded. So to say we have missed this therapy the past two 1/2 weeks would be an understatement.

During this time I’m pretty sure Courtney has started sitting still even less, started climbing and jumping from higher heights, and I’ve noticed a lower tolerance threshold. We have caught her climbing our banister I’m a spot where she could have fallen several feet, standing in the toilet, and even attempting to get in a medicine bottle.

I was hard on myself at times. How, as an autism teacher myself, can I not structure up her time at home so she can be a little more grounded…literally?!

So needless to say, we were super excited and relieved that ABA therapy was back today. Though not fully yet. There are some issues that need to be worked out still. But we will welcome any structure we can get.

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