Back on the saddle again…

Some may be wondering where all the posts have been about horse riding therapy. We were on a little break because our therapist was on maternity leave.

Today horse therapy was back in our schedule. It’s been more than 2 months since we’ve had a session. Within that time, the horses also moved stables. So with the break in consistency and the change in location, our day back on the saddle didn’t go well for Courtney.

It started right away with her not wanting to go in the arena. I was hopeful it was just the new place. Ms. Christine brought Bumble outside to her and she wanted nothing to do with him. So, we watched Alyssa and Bumble from afar. We are back to the beginning. I am not surprised nor will I let it frustrate me. This is autism.

Horses aren’t the only thing we are back at. Something else has reared its ugly head. Boy am I hoping it was just this weekend. Courtney had several meltdowns today. Each meltdown included screaming and grabbing between her legs and acting as if she had to pee or poop. Each meltdown I tried to calm her while in my head I was saying, “not again, please don’t repeat the fall”. Cross your fingers it was just a bad day.

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