Potty Training…

Time to attempt potty training again. We just have one major obstacle. She’s afraid of bathrooms. Bathrooms have toilets that flush, water that runs, some have loud hand dryers the list goes on. So right now we are learning to like bathrooms. Today her therapist sent me this picture! Needed some intiskmg and Mr. Penguin’s moral support but she sat on the toilet with the top down.

When going through her urinary tract and constipation issues last fall, one of her doctors was apologetic when telling me he recommended a long break in potty training because most parents would be more than anxious at this point to have their child out of diapers. Do I want her out of diapers? OF COURSE!!! But shortly after she was diagnosed with autism I knew one thing that meant is potty tracing could be a never ending battle. Fingers are crossed we get there but also not going to let myself get disappointed.

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