A decade in review…

I’m one who sees New Year’s Eve/day as just another day on the calendar. Another day where there is deviation from our much needed routine. I tend not to make any big resolutions for the next year because any that I have in the past are over before I even start. I also see it as the end of my favorite time of year and that just depresses me.

This year isn’t just the end of a year though. As Facebook as reminded me, it’s the end of a decade. I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it being the end of a decade until a friend reminded me what a decade I’ve had. So maybe I will take a moment here to reflect.

So where was I at the beginning of this decade? I was still married to my first husband. Crazy, right?! The decade that we are ending started off with the year I never thought I would get through…being told by who I thought was the love of my life that he no longer loved me. Well…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can now look back at the beginning of this decade and see that it was a very positive time for me.

Then came the year I met Joe. The year that carved out what the decade was going to become. This decade included three moves and even a move in school buildings for work. As the decade progressed I got re-married and had two beautiful girls. This decade I survived the delivery of Alyssa. Hard to imagine what this decade would have looked Luke for Joe and the girls if I didn’t survive.

The biggest happening of this decade was going from a teacher of children with special needs to a mom of a child with special needs. This decade introduced us to autism in a way I never imagined. This shaped the rest of the decade and the decades that will follow. Not only did we learn what it was like to just be a parent but I truly believe we grew more as parents as I ever imagine we could.

There were a lot of ups and downs during this past decade. Some pretty challenging events were thrown my way. Each one harder then the next it felt. This decade taught me how to defy gravity.

Through each trial, each tear, each laugh, each mountain climbed, there is something that grew that I will forever be grateful for. My support system. So as this year and decade come to an end, I want to thank you for being by our side and cheering us on. I wish everyone a very happy new year!

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