I love when I catch Courtney actually playing with toys. Quite often she’s just labeling them, licking them or lining them up. Yes, labeling and lining these toys up is one way to play with this particular toy but she typically doesn’t play with the mat part.

I observed two interesting things while she was playing with the toy. First, she refused to put the ostrich on the “o”. She insisted on putting an extra alligator on the letter “o”. She knows alligator starts with “a” and she knows the alligator that she put on the “o” doesn’t belong to the set. Not sure what that was all about.

The other thing I found fascinating was she came across two different animals that weren’t in her bin. In both cases she ran off somewhere then immediately came back with the animal. How in the world did she know exactly where that animal was?!

Her brain works in mysterious ways! That’s autism for you!

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